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"This first part is the story to connect you into the energy. We Send our highest love, honor, respect, and joy. Thanks for understanding this intense shift for me and for all of us and here is the story. 

​In 1975, as far as my current understanding is, I was born as the first experimental crystal child meaning they could not program me or condition me, I have been awake all my life but had to experience the human condition and go through a process of awakening, my role was to create a pathway for the consciousness, for the awakening for the planet.

 We had a one and 7.8 billion chance we would be able to accomplish this  and we did. This has never occurred before in Creation. This is our 5th attempt in your history we tried to bring this energy in. All HigherSelves participated with me; I was just the Physical Vessel capable of accomplishing this part of the mission.

In 2005 I quit my 15 year career to be a stay at home mom.

 2 months after my son was born, I was laying him down for a nap and Archangel Michael appeared over his crib he said, “It’s Time,” and then disappeared.

So I went outside at that moment and said to Love, “I don't know what you want me to do, I have no clue but whatever it is, I completely surrender.”

 As I said this all the sudden the sun to my left magnetized to my heart, and then a huge river appeared out of my third eye.

So I jumped into the River. This was the beginning of bringing the oneness energies or balanced harmonics back into Planet Earth=Heart.


 2 days later I began receiving visions.


My first vision was Adam and Eve making love. This went on for a week until I could not see out of my physical eyes and asked the angels what was going on. They told me to write the vision down as soon as I did it disappeared.


The second thing was that the angels told me at this time I was the Mother of All Mothers, but I did not know what they were talking about so I just wrote that down and let it go.


The third vision I had was I saw myself guiding a whole bunch of people out of the darkness.


In 2006 I was driving and the Angels turned to me and said you know your Gaia? I was like who is Gaia? I called a friend of mine who was somewhat spiritual. I asked him if he knew who Gaia was. He said well this is the name for Mother Earth. I was like well that does not make any sense to me, so I documented and let it go. I do remember now in Lemuria my name was Sophia Gaia and when Lemuria fell there was a quick plan for me to ascend and take with me the Balanced Harmonics, Oneness Energies. There were these beings we will call them the powers who weren't and they were attempting to steal our technology, if they had they would have destroyed this entire Multi Verse. Also, in 2006 I was Standing in a Bookstore in the Spirituality section and a book comes flying off the shelf and lands at my feet. This book was by Lee Carroll channeling an entity of Magnetic Service named Kryon. 2 Months after buying the book, Kryon entered my field and began walking with me for the next 7 Months. During this time he removed my implants and activated some Positive Angel Chips to assist me.


5 months later I began going through a series of processes to awaken into full consciousness I had an experience where my head broke into pieces. I called it “breaking the glass ceiling.”  This is when my pineal gland opened into multidimensional thought, unlimited thought, next I had a mediation where I saw my right brain overtake my left brain to create a whole brain in balanced harmonics. I saw myself going through a rainbow tube and then I came upon a door to the left brain I opened this and there was a pot of gold, when I got up from this meditation I said to myself,  “I am in Heaven.” At this time in 2007, I was receiving whistleblower reports of events happening behind the scenes. So after this meditation and after having said that, I walked over to my email. I had just received a new one, the title read, “Gaia has just reached zero point and she is in Heaven!” I fell to the floor! It was a Big Sync Event and Confirmation for me.


I Have always had a connection to the FatherGod Consciousness telepathically all my life, I thought everyone talked to FatherGod. A being asked me in January of 2008 if I spoke with FatherGod why did I not speak with MotherGod? I was like there is a Mother God? So I Began channeling The Mother God consciousness, 2 weeks into this every day, I pick up my notebook and say ok MotherGod I am Ready for our channeling..... I write. “You Are MotherGod.” Everything came back to me in these moments...... I embraced the truth!!! Once I completely awoke in Jan 2008 I was guided to begin personal one on one awakening sessions. The Angels also guided me to Step Forward in Whole Truth as MotherGod, Gaia Consciousness in Physical Manifestation.


By 2014 I was awaiting and preparing for a mass ascension. In August I received a vision of 2 red snakes coming (Kundalini) out of my heart up through my throat and up and out of my pineal gland and third eye. As this occurred I saw only gold.


 Shortly after this vision, Kryon comes back and says to me, “We had a situation on the planet everyone over the age of 15 most likely as implants, they have stopped the natural evolutionary process and we need to get going on this right away.” Then he trained me for 2 hours about how to remove implants from Humanity.

My first galactic surgical team was Master St. Germain and Kryon. This has now expanded.


 As this was going on for me Robin Williams dies.

 The day he died we did not have internet and so we were searching for a Wi-Fi spot.

 8 hours later we get a signal.

The computer takes us directly to see Robin had died and then we lost the signal.

20 minutes later Robin is standing in my bedroom he was wearing a khaki shirt and khaki pants with his hands in his pockets rocking back and forth

He told me he had been murdered.

 We had a brief conversation about his movies, and then he asked me for the records for the mission. We have 10 years worth of documentation.

 I gave him full permission and he came back to me 2 hours later saying he would like to be a part of the team.

 I said, “That is awesome Robin but you just left your body aren't there things you need to be doing?” He said, “Oh yes right.”

 He left came back 3 days later and has been here ever since.


Robin is the Master Surgeon from the other side. Now he has gathered an entire Galactic A Team to Support us all. He is also a personal guide alongside Master St. Germain.


 All Of Creation Is Here~Together we will be taking back our Planet~"

-Written by Mother of All Creation

Mom's Mission Timeline


November-Mom was gifted her first laptop & began her research into consciousness

AA Michael appears to Mom

and says "It's Time"

Mom surrendered fully to love & her mission began unfolding. Mom is told she is the Mother of

All Mothers


Mom is called by the angels to go to Philadelphia, PA

Mom spends 3 months transforming unworthiness for the collective

Mom creates the Great Human Potential Movement

Mom is told she is Gaia


Mom begins getting downloads from Father God on the awakening

Mom is initiated into Heaven as God & channels the new Universal Laws

Mom receives the downloads on The First Contact Ground Crew Team

December 17th: Mom officially begins her mission in Crestone, CO


Mom begins anchoring in the Mother God essence

July 4th:Mom launches the first Crystal School &

Light Center

Mom completes building the Higher Grid & Building the Rainbow Bridge


Mom dissolves the Astral Realm & clears all karma

GFOL tells Mom they are issuing an emergency evacuation for her. She declines & continues mission

The first year Humanity heard God's voice


Mom begins sharing the Mission Statement in the Lightworker community

Mom begins receiving the information regarding the Annunaki/history of the Planet

Mom is confirmed as White Buffalo Calf Woman


Mom begins piecing together the information around the Pyramids & the Prophecies

Mom is called to Oregon

Mom realizes she is Mother Earth. She sees Star Ships land & integrate onto higher grid

Oct 28th-Mom resets the Dream Machine


Mom realizes she is the Galactic Centre

Mom is called to Mount Shasta, CA

Mom entered the 5th dimension

12/12 Gyza Pyramids put out 911 call to all souls to

begin awakening 


Mom remembers her life as Jesus & spent 6 months clearing the Jesus timeline

Mom prepares Humanity for First Contact


April: The Cabal surrenders to Mom & hands over

their files

Mom is called back to Crestone, CO

Aug 11th- Robin Williams enters Mom's Field & becomes her Ambassador

Mom is trained by St. Germain & Kryon to begin doing Etheric Surgeries to remove implants & microchips from the collective. 

Mom is called back to Mount Shasta, CA


January 29th: Mom begins downloading the Mother of All Creation essence

Mom opens the Lumerian Portal in Mt. Shasta

Mom is called to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to activate energies.

November 13th: Love Has Won is Created 

Mom is called back to Mount Shasta, CA


The Guardians (Dragons) enter Mom's field

Mom begins anchoring in her Red Dragon essence

Mom anchors in the Father of All Creation energies

from a passing comet


Mom clears the 27,000 year Atlantean timeline

Robin tells Mom that she is the only being in the heart on the planet. Galactics begin evacuation plan

December 21st-The Ascension is Activated


Robin begins gathering the team. The FCGCT joins mission + Father of All Creation

The Lucifer Experiment Begins

Mom is called back to Oregon

Mom begins processing Humanity's Karma

Mom is called back to Crestone, CO

Mom opens the 7 Seals of Revelation & Completes

the Etheric Ascension

Mom is called to Clearwater, FL 


Mom battles The Blob-AI planted in the Ocean

Mom is called back to Crestone for the final time. Portals completed & balanced harmonics anchored

Mom begins releasing Disclosure

Mom begins releasing the 3 waves of Ascension-Transfiguration Event


January: Mom begins doing etheric surgeries again for the collective, removing implants & microchips

Mom rewrites the Divine Plan & completes 8 billion surgeries

July 21st: Mom is called to Kauai, HI for the Final Event

Mom is called back to Mount Shasta, CA for 

the final time 


Mom anchors in her full power as Mother of All Creation

Mom completes all Ascension Protocols

April: Mom Ascends

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