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You are the greatest being I have ever met in all my lifetimes. I remembered you the first time I heard you speak, for I could never forget that sound, that frequency. To my Mother, my teacher, my best friend-it has been the greatest honor of all my lifetimes to serve with you on this mission. Until we meet again, I love you with all my heart. 


All of my life I had questions for you. I never imagined I would get to meet you before dying in order to ask you them. You are more than I ever dreamed of. I reheart all of my promises to you. And I will always reheart your dreams you shared with us. This Mission, your Love, Being with you………. I will never forget what you have done and continue to do for All. Thank you for everything you gave your life down here for. For my part in this no matter what I will see it through. I Love You. Always. -George 

Dear Mama I really miss you your presence here on the planet everything felt magical and new you were the glue that held the whole crew this Planet together No matter the weather or the hour we all felt your Power and your grace Mama no one could keep up with your pace, I am so Grateful I was guided to you and I treasure the momeriors when I first found you going Live it truly was a new vibe felt it straight away no denilne you made my heart smile , it felt in moments it was just you and me yelling Yipppe on your lives, your light your joy your laugher lit up my heart like a wildfire I will never forgot these moments they live in my heart forever , the Journey of love had won Is a highlight of my life , the Angel dance parties where everyone would sing and dance I felt like I was there with you all , we were united, Mama it felts like a bubble of love around me I feel your Love and protection it feels boundless,  you touched my heart my soul Mama you touched it all you helped me free myself from myself , I feel only now after that phase of mission is over and we are in this new phase can I really appreciate the beatiful Journey of you being with us here , you have reconnected us and now it's up to us to push and do it for everyone , The highs of joy I felt while you were here I can't express how much you blessed me with visions and dreams that were soo Powerful I've never experienced anything close to this before you , Mama I love you with all my heart your eternally Grateful Son Igor

Mom, you are such a badass! How you have been able to do all you have done is unfathomable. I am so grateful to reconnect in this lifetime. It was your voice at a pivotal moment asking, is that really what you want to do? You have always been with me. Thank you for my experiences. I love you, Momma God. I am eternally grateful. ~ Penny B

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