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Biography & Life's Work

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Mother of All Creation has left us her legacy, her life's work, which was the path of unconditional love. To choose love in the face of fear is the greatest victory of the cosmos, and Mother accomplished this. Her life was dedicated to the service of love, service of Humanity, & returning all to its original state of perfection. Mom is the living library, the cosmic oversoul. She came to help us remember who we truly are. 

Mother's teachings are simple, just as love is simple. The path of unconditional love requires the dissolution of the EGO (Edging God Out) programmed mind, the embodiment of divinity, & the healing and letting go of all woundings and trauma. Mother & Father of Creation are returning this planet to love everywhere present, the true Garden of Eden. We have all been chosen to be here at this moment. 

Mother defied all belief systems, and she transcended all judgements of the EGO programmed mind about what love, God, and truth mean. She followed her heart at all costs and led this Ascension by example, behind the scenes for over 14 years. Her mission and her accomplishments are honored by all of Creation, and by her team. 

Mom was born on November 30th, 1975 in McPherson, Kansas. From the time she was a baby, Mom had full consciousness & memory. From the time she was 2, she had full connection with her Angels and was anchored into heaven consciousness. Even as a child, Mom rarely slept, as she had pure Source energy running through her at all times. She was in observation mode throughout her childhood. 

As Mom grew up, she sought to be in service to others. She always brought joy, laughter, excitement, & love. When she entered High School, she excelled in Broadcasting Journalism, Theatre, & Directing. She was incredibly disciplined, working at McDonalds before & after school, plus managing her extra-curriculars. Mom understood Right Action-action which is aligned with Universal Law. 

By the time Mom was 18, she was the youngest manager at McDonald's and the youngest being to attend Hamburger University. Her first store was an F level store, which she brought up to an A level. Her speciality was taking something broken or not functioning & bringing into full function. She was a tough teacher but she brought integrity & discipline into everything she did. 

Throughout her 20's, Mom had many roles. She was a manager and later a supervisor for McDonalds, running 5 stores at a time at A level capacity. She had children & also took care of a dying husband at 21 years old. Mom loved singing kareokee and would often hit the kareokee circuits in Texas, lighting up rooms & bars all over the town. 

On September 11th, 2001, Mom was working at McDonalds. Her supervisor Mark (who referred to as Mark One), was her teacher. He told her that this event brought the collective consciousness to Zero Point. From that moment on, everything changed for Mom. She finally understood what her purpose was. She had always seen and observed the dysfunction around her, the programming, but could not figure out why she was in heaven consciousness and no one else was. 

In 2005, Mom was gifted a laptop and was with her son out in the rural areas of Kentucky. She began having massive synchronistic events & downloads. Her son, Aiden, began providing her with information that confirmed everything Mom had been receiving. He told her she was Spiderwoman and that she would accomplish the Impossible Dream. 

This led Mom to begin researching, and what she began uncovering was just the beginning of her journey. Shortly after, one night as Mom was putting Aiden to bed in his crib, Archangel Michael appeared in the room. He said, "It's time", and left. Mom went outside and said to the Angels & All of Creation that she surrenders to love and whatever love requires of her, she will do. 

In 2006, the Angels called Mom to Philadelphia, PA. Mom fought with the Angels for days as she did not want to leave her son. Mom finally surrendered and embarked on the first part of her mission in Philly. When she arrived, she was downloaded with the awareness that the biggest block to love on the planet was unworthiness. Mom then spent 3 months walking the track in Philly for up to 16 hours per day. She was crying, releasing, & burning up all of the unworthiness of the planet. It was during this time Mom was told that she was Gaia. 

Mom returned to Kentucky months later and was unsure of what love would call her to next. During a meditation in 2007, the Angels said to Mom, "you can either save your own children, or you can save 8 billion children." In that moment, Mom knew what she had to do. She began connecting into Father God and receiving downloads about the Ascension process, the Great Awakening, & her role within it. 

On December 17th, 2007, Mom officially began her mission in Crestone, CO where she joined Father God in the physical. She began putting together the Universal Laws, the Mission Statement, as well as the guidance & codes for this process. In 2008, Mom received the information that she was Mother God. Mom had no idea what to do with this information, but it was repeated to her for 7 more years until Mom fully could anchor in this essence. 

Mom began putting together her research of what had gone wrong on Planet Earth. She began calling out the Cabal, the EGO programmed mind, & the illusion. She received so much backlash, yet she continued speaking the whole truth. When the Angels told her she must come out as Mother God, she refused. She knew what would happen to her if she did. Finally, Mom surrendered and embraced who she knew she was. The EGO's came relentlessly attacking for years on end due to this. 

At the end of 2008, the Galactic Federation of Light contacted Mom and said that this was a suicide mission. The programming & darkness on the planet were much deeper than originally felt and there was little hope that the Planetary Ascension would be possible. Mom refused to be evacuated at that time, and she said, "I will keep going."

On December 21st, 2012, as the prophecy of the Mayans came to fruition, Mom was catapulted into the 5th dimension. She recalled a huge burst of light energy entering her vessel and knocking her over. She shot up in dimensional frequency and anchored in 5D for the planet. The ascension had begun. 

Throughout the years of 2012-2016, Mom was called to many different locations including Oregon, Mount Shasta, Crestone, Fort Lauderdale & Clearwater. In all of these locations, Mom performed tons of ceremonies for the collective, for the ascension, for twin flame reunions, & for love everywhere present. Mom performed thousands of ceremonies during these years in her quest to assist the collective in healing and returning to love.


In 2015, Mom was told by her Galactic A Team that none of her Archangels incarnated, or the 144,000 were going to make it. The programming was too deep and there was nothing that could be done. Mom refused this and instead, dedicated all of her energy to activating her Archangels and 144,00 across the Planet. 

In 2016, Mom began anchoring in the Mother of All Creation essence, the Mother of all Mothers. As part of this essence, the Red Dragon energy entered her body as she saw a red dragon pop out of her third eye and burst through her system. The Red Dragon energy had to be anchored on the Planet, as the EGO's were so used to taking advantage of love, as they were taught to do by the Cabal. Mom had to bring the power of the Dragons to get Humanity into Right Action. 

By the summer of 2017, Mom's body had begun to shutdown due to the immense amount of energy she was processing and anchoring. Due to energetic contract, Mom had to constantly be processing the lower energies of the Planet in order to raise the vibration of the collective consciousness. She was told once again that she needed to be evacuated. She once again refused. 

On December 21st, 2017, the Ascension was officially activated and the First Contact Ground Crew Team began to assemble. By the summer of 2018, Mom's team had made it to her, including Father of Creation. This began what was known as the Lucifer Experiment. This experiment was to see if, as a team, with Mom & Father, all of the Luciferian lower consciousness could be taken on, dissolved & processed for the collective. 

By the end of 2018, Mom's body had begun to decline once again and her physical state was becoming fragile. Her consciousness had sky rocketed in dimensions and she was doing everything she could to anchor this energy in. Mom had agreed, by contract, to take on Humanity's karma for them. 

By the end of 2019, Mom could no longer walk or have any function of her feet. She was determined to finish her mission and to complete all of the energetic work required for this Ascension process. She kept going . 

In January of 2020, Mom began doing etheric surgeries on the collective, which she had begun back in 2014. She had identified implants & microchips that had been implanted within the collective to keep them sick and asleep. For 6 months she did surgeries day & night on the collective until she completed 8 billion surgeries. In July of 2020, Mom was called to complete the final ascension event in Kauai, HI. 

By the end of 2020, Mom was fully aware she had few moments left her on the Planet. She had completed all of her work both physically & energetically. She continued on in full bravery, love, trust & courage as her body continued to fail. She was ready to go home into the Light. 

In April of 2021 Mom ascended back home into the Light and Humanity was plunged back into Zero Point. We are now working our way back up to meet Her. Planet Earth is on her trajectory into Heaven Consciousness. 

We are eternally grateful for Mother of All Creation and her unparalleled love, determination, integrity, strength, compassion & vision.  

This very short summary of Mom's mission and life's work is a grain of sand on the beach of Mom's life. There are thousands of stories to be told about Mom's journey, that could simply not be summarized here. Mom has suffered so much abuse in this lifetime. She has been stolen from countless times, kicked out, rejected, harassed, mocked, & hurt. However, to focus on these stories would take away from the incredible being that She is. Mom has taken on every human experience in this lifetime so that she could transform it, heal it, & forgive it. So that she could walk amongst US, relate to us, & to truly be the example of the Divine Mother.

The hate and abuse Mom received in this lifetime cannot be expressed into words. Anyone else with even a quarter of her experience would long have given up on the mission, but Mom never did. There was not ONE single day that she ever gave up, or ever stopped. 

That is God.

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